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Moya Financial
Web Apllication Development
C#, ASP.NET, jQuery, NodeJS, JSON, XML, REST API, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SCSS
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Project Background and Description

The primary objective of the application is to provide a platform where the branch staff could input/view/amend Member Profiles, according to the USER’s security clearance and authorization level. In-Branch Member Onboarding, Generate New/Existing Applications, and Online Member Onboarding with approval process.

Moya Intranet will replace its current Forms’ Generator (excel version) with a new web-based application on the Microsoft .net platform.

Moya Financial has engaged with “Niukraids Inc” to lead requirements and implementation for the new web application, which will be delivered using an agile project methodology by a blended team.

The fact that the project will be delivered using an agile approach implies that the initial requirements presented here will be used as a guideline and reference point by the team; however, they may not be complete or accurate, especially once the end of the project has been reached. As a result, they need to be updated throughout the project by the stakeholders.

A wire framing and visual design exercise was conducted after the strategy work was completed, and the results were included in this document as illustrations.

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