Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing creativity and expertise have helped countless clients achieve results far beyond their expectations.

When you begin contemplating SEO vs. SEM, it’s important to keep your desired results in mind. Both are means toward attracting customers, and use very different tactics to do so. SEO revolves around a focus on bringing your company’s sales site in line with what search engines want. Google and other major engines are concerned with delivering the top content to users, and they tend to feature sites with clear navigation and easy-to-understand benefits for searchers. SEM relies on creating quick, clear advertisements and keywords that prospective customers will likely enter into search engines. Companies that focus on SEO vs. SEM should keep in mind that the benefits of both include increased conversion and click-through rates.

Being a head of our competition is important to us, that is why Niukraids places a strong focus on front-end development in relation to our client’s websites. The ability to edit web pages, profiles, products and events from the front end of a website improves user experience while maximizing efficiency in the editing process.

The Latest and Greatest Search Engine Marketing Options

Organic search and paid search options lie at the heart of the SEO vs. SEM debate. New software regularly enters the market that can help you track your spending on both on-site SEO- and SEM-related ads. In addition, many SEO tools and tricks exist that can be used by proponents of both SEO and SEM to maximize results from search engine campaigns. Keeping companies at the top of the search results and the sponsored results on major engines is the focus of all these developments.

Search Marketing

Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.

Based on your competition and their Internet knowhow, or on the generality of your search keywords, a good SEO may not be enough for you to score well on the search results. To maximize your sales and marketing potential you may require Search Engine Marketing (SEM) via a Google AdWords campaign. We can leverage your website SEO in an AdWords campaign to ensure visibility on search results. You can be assured that our certified AdWords consultants will ensure your Google AdWords campaigns are directed to your client’s searches and that it meets your budget at the lowest CPC (cost per click).

Furthermore, depending on your company’s goals, industry/business sector, business model and budget, you may need continuous SEO and SEM services. Again, our dedicated employees at Niukraids will review your content and SEO against Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and AdWords reports to ensure your website is always in line with the search efforts of your clientele. At this involvement level we provide monthly statistical reports to prove our efforts are resulting in more traffic to your website. You will always have your finger on the pulse of the Internet sales traffic.

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