We create flat designs using a highly practical and accessible approach, engaging in and refining Usability Engineering techniques.

Our great strength in software development coupled with our understanding of design creation allows us to surpass technological limitations. We recognize that the increasing needs of your clientele are neither simple nor straightforward. Thus, we effortlessly combine UI with UX ultimately providing them with the user-friendliest means of accessing your product, while staying true to the essence of your vision.

Usability Specialization

This is essentially a research-based role. We ensure that the interactive media product meets the requirements of its’ intended audience as per Web Accessibility Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Being a head of our competition is important to us, that is why Niukraids places a strong focus on front-end development in relation to our client’s websites. The ability to edit web pages, profiles, products and events from the front end of a website improves user experience while maximizing efficiency in the editing process.

User Experience

UX Design is not solely about producing a visually appealing product. It requires an intricate relationship between individuals and computers, human behaviors, psychology and an understanding of why people do what they do.

In this role, we carry out duties such as gathering UI requirements, researching, identifying demographics, specifying non-functional requirements, wireframes, UI architecture, contextual design and laying out storyboards.

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